Bedridden from lyme disease to traveling the world!

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Articles, Julie Genser | 7 comments

Riley Before and AfterThe latest recovery story coming out of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS™) features Riley, a high school student who became bedridden from lyme disease at age 15. Once athletic and energetic, he quickly degenerated and became partially paralyzed and unable to speak or eat for 3 years.

With the support of his family Riley sought out alternative treatments and was able to recover his ability to walk, eat and speak again. However, he was still left with a multitude of neurologically based symptoms. When he heard about the DNRS program, he knew in his gut that this was what he needed to take his healing to the next level.

He shares his inspiring testimonial for DNRS here:

Today Riley is traveling the world, living his dreams unencumbered by lyme disease, chemical sensitivities, and the other debilitating conditions he once suffered from. DNRS not only completely transformed Riley’s health and life – it also changed his mom’s life. No longer having to caretake her son, she is now an amazing DNRS facilitator and coach and will be co-facilitating the Alberta, Canada program with Annie Hopper next month.

Riley with Annie Hopper at a DNRS workshop:

Riley and Annie Hopper

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  1. susan edwards

    Honoring your combined commitment to healing. Way to go.

    I feel like you are representing my possibility for healing. I will see you atop a mountain soon!

    Enjoy your vibrant life!

  2. Kathy McDevitt

    i have lyme and my brain is so messed up, anxiety hard.

  3. earthwalker

    I’m so sorry to hear that Kathy. Have you tried the Buhner Healing Lyme herbal protocol?

  4. Katie

    Is that what Riley did?

  5. Julie

    No. It seems from the video above that he went to Dr Hansa at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health in Wichita, Kansas and then did the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) to heal his brain.

  6. seo charlotte nc

    This is an amazing story. I have suffered from muscle pain, fatigue, and nerve pain for years. I just found out that I have Lyme disease and am just starting to prepare for treatment. This site gives me hope.

  7. Fernando Goncalves Borrega

    Since when? and what are you doing to improve that? The herbal protocol sounds very exciting

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