Dan’s miraculous recovery from severe MCS and EHS

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by Dan Ross

My name is Dan Ross. I was afflicted with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone/DHEA/thyroid hormones, brain damage, heavy metal toxicity, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), potentially lethal constipation (slow motility), and severe sensitivities and allergies to foods, pollen, mold, herbs, and spices. All of these health issues were diagnosed by physicians. The only undiagnosed condition I had was an itching disorder with skin rash that sixteen skin specialists from UCLA Hospital could not understand, even with a biopsy. I had this insane itching disorder for two and a half years.

Dan at his worstI was sick with MCS 95% of the time – with headaches, nausea, and extreme weakness when exposed to triggers. I lived totally isolated from human contact except on rare occasions when family came over to see my mom. I would get major anxiety and flu-like symptoms when they came over, because of the chemical products they used and their unwillingness to accommodate my illness. My mother was the only one who would live chemical free for me. She took care of me – I needed assistance because of all the combined problems.

How did things get this bad? My health took a brutal turn for the worse around the year 2005. I was depressed and had major stress from an ugly divorce, major neck injury that required epidurals and many physical therapy sessions, a long time back problem that worsened, business gone bad, financial problems that led to my moving in with my mother, beginning – and three months later, ending – a new relationship, functional alcoholism, and addiction to pain killers – for openers. A few years later after all of these stressful circumstances accumulated, I started to get bizarre pains all over my body. Around this same time I lived in two homes that had mold.

While all this was occurring, I moved many times to find a safe house or room. It was extremely difficult at best. I was sick most of the time in all the places I stayed. Thanks to Annie Hopper’s Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS), I was only afflicted with these diseases for five years. I was obsessed with obtaining good health.

Dan with severe MCS outside the van he lived in on and offBefore finding the DNRS program, I tried everything under the sun in the way of treatment and health aids. I spent my whole life savings, over $450,000, and lost my home. I was homeless for about one and a half years on and off. I lost 98% of my friends and family, no phone calls from friends and very few from family – as many with environmental illness experience. I did 90% of the Gupta retraining DVD program with no results. I went back and forth to Mexico, for about four months, for stem cell therapy. It was a nightmare and only worked for a while, with limited results.

I then ended up going to Dallas for treatment with Dr. William Rea. Between mold and EMF exposures where I was staying and severe reactions to the provocation-neutralization shots I was given, I ended up getting much sicker, going down to 119 pounds at my worst (I am six feet tall). I attempted suicide two times here and four times afterwords within a three year time period. That is how bad things got. But the good Lord had other plans for me!

I moved back in with my mother and she did what she could to make an MCS-safe home for me. My EMF sensitivity was so bad, I couldn’t use a TV remote, flashlight, or a computer without getting “zapped,” (as we call it). After getting an EMF exposure I would have to ground myself. Unfortunately the house I lived in had no ground. I would literally have to go hug a tree, go down to the park, or find a strip of grass and go barefoot to ground myself for a half hour or so.

Things continued to decline but I was able to gain some weight and resume my quest for healing, trying many modalities over the next few years. I finally found Annie Hopper’s DNRS program, which turned out to be the answer I had been searching for. After years of living together so she could take care of me, my mother finally was able to move back in with my sister just a few months ago. I have been cured of all my health issues except the rheumatoid arthritis.

A miracle from God got rid of my EMF issue about six months ago. Here I am now, fully recovered from all my health issues except for rheumatoid arthritis. I give thanks to the Lord Jesus, Annie Hopper, and my mom for this miracle of recovery.

Dan playing golfI officially started the DNRS program in early March of 2014. I spent about 3 1/2 hours per day, on average, doing the program. That included yoga, dance, meditation and a bike ride first thing in the morning. From what I interpret from the DNRS website, most of the people in the program do not spend this much time with it.

After several weeks on the program I noticed on my bike ride that my seasonal pollen allergies were not bothering me. Last year at this time, in spring, I couldn’t be without a mask and I had headaches and extreme weakness from all the molds, pollens, trees and so on. On my bike rides in the morning now I smell many flowers along the way and even bring some home.

About two and a half months into DNRS my MCS was completely gone. I was starting to feel normal again! Once I conquered the outside allergies without even focusing on them, my confidence and positive attitude exploded.

Dan playing basketball with friendsThe program takes you through a journey of new thinking, challenges, positive thinking, love, fellowship, serenity, faith and hope. I would not do Annie’s DNRS program justice by trying to describe it here with my words. I recommend you read the testimonies and visit her website. It could save your life, like it did mine.

I am seeing life through a new set of eyes. I am very grateful for every minute I am awake. I can eat anything I want now. I was on a four day rotation diet and always sick from something I ate. The food allergies and my potentially lethal constipation were my biggest challenge. Part of the program involves incremental exposure challenges. Ninety five percent of the time when challenging myself with foods there would be no reaction. With each food I gained, I became more positive and confident.

Dan at a family picnicIn approximately five months I went from a disability of only being able to walk 1/2 a block, to playing basketball, tennis, golf and deep sea fishing. I have been exposed to asphalt, fresh paint, heavy perfume, funerals, sports bars, family get-togethers – and nothing bothers me! I have forgiven my family and we all get together regularly. It’s great to have my family and life back. Way better than before. I am as happy now as any time in the past. No more depression or anxiety. I live by myself now, 3 miles from Laguna Beach in California. I am giving back by inspiring people with my recovery story.

See and hear about Dan’s dramatic improvement in this video showing him before and after doing Annie Hopper’s DNRS program:



Dan RossDan Ross considers himself to be fully healed of severe chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity. He enjoys an active beach lifestyle in southern California where he regularly bikes, practices yoga and meditation, and spends time with his family. He’s now at a healthy weight and his severe itching condition has fully resolved. He credits his good health to the grace of God, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System developed by Annie Hopper, and to his dear Mother who supported him throughout his journey with disabling environmental illness.


  1. pulsebeat

    You are an inspiration to the many who still suffer. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

  2. Dian Snowden

    Dan, you bring tears of joy to my heart. I was deeply concerned for your well-being. I know that you put your heart and soul into trying to treatment that would work for you, but everything failed until you found Dynamic Neural Retraining Program with Annie Hopper. I, too, was struggling with MCS for 21 years, and I still remember your call telling me you were 90% better after just a few months. I was elated for you, then asked what you were doing, and you told me you bought Annie Hopper’s DVDs and that you were working the program. I bought the DVDs that day, and immediately began the program. I am now 90% better. Thanks for passing it on!

  3. Jim Rotholz

    I can attest to Dan’s incredible recovery, having met him in Dallas and stayed in touch throughout his healing journey. Dan’s transformation was evident to me in our phone calls; he literally became a different person over the course of his recovery. His is a wonderful testimony of faith, dedication to the DNRS treatment, and the unwavering support of his loving mother. The fact that the sickly, depressed guy I first met is now healthy and encouraging others toward their own health and wholeness is miraculous to me, and a source of great joy to see.

  4. Tom Knight

    Yet another case where untreated infection, in this case mold, led to debilitation. Did DNRP cure the neurotoxic mold infection? All credit appears to be going to DNRP. I’ve read similar testimonials concerning 20 year untreated Lyme disease.

  5. Julie

    Tom Knight, from what I understand, DNRS does not treat infection, but it does modulate immune function. When in chronic fight or flight, the body suppresses immune, detox and other systems in order to focus on the perceived emergency. By taking yourself out of fight or flight, you allow immune, detox, digestive and other functions to normalize again. So in that way, any latent infections may be resolved by a stronger immune response.

  6. radfaraf

    I’m curious about the details of how you made it fun. It just mentions things like yoga and meditation, but what about the retraining reactions steps, how did you make them fun?

  7. Bunny

    Thank you so much for posting your success story, Dan! This is an amazing recovery and gives me great hope in succeeding just as you have. I get sidetracked trying other things because I haven’t had success with DNRS yet, although I’ve had the DVDs for 3 years. But this helps me to, again, see that full recovery is possible through brain retraining alone. Thank you so much for sharing! And congratulations on regaining your health!

  8. Jack

    You and your recovery are truly a miracle. I am very happy for you and your recovery. I am a very good friend of your brother Pat and we both worried about your disease but could find no way that we could help you. I thank God and you willingness to survive no mater what it took that you are healthy and living life again Congratulation. Love Jack

  9. Linda Bissell

    We can totally attest to how very ill Dan was, through our many calls and emails, and even several email chats with Dan’s mother at this time. Dan was trying everything to get better, and he continued to get worse and worse. It broke our hearts to see how much suffering he was going through. We praise God that Dan was able to find a way to get out of his terrible condition and get his life back. Dan is such in inspiration and encouragement to all.

  10. Dan Ross

    It warms my heart to think how caring and loving most people can be. Thanks to Dian, Jim, Louise, Linda, Kieth, my mom and especially Jesus Christ, who comforted, counseled and coached me thru that nightmare. I can’t thank Julie enough for working with me and posting my story. As you all know this website is the best of its kind!! I was also inspired by testimonials of miraculous recoveries from DNRS. I will give some general comments about the DNRS program and how it worked for me.. BUT.. please check out the website and email Annie Hopper for detailed explanations of the program and how it works. Its EXTREMELY important for people who want to do the program is that you BELIEVE in the program and it can HEAL YOU. Sorry it took a while to post. I was not aware this was going to be an interactive post.

  11. Dan Ross

    My brother has talked a lot about you. Thank you for inspiring Pat and being his friend. My brother is my best friend! My prayers are with you my friend

  12. Dan Ross

    If i may be so bold. Bring Christ into your life. He will help you with the program. My faith in Jesus, who ultimately gave me back my confidence in myself, got me thru the program. My recommendation is to focus on the program exclusively. Put anything else on the back burners. Give it a chance what have you got to loos?? God Bless you

  13. Dan Ross

    People who have not succseded with dnrs, i have observed, #1 do not put the time in ( need at least 1 hour a day ). If 1 hour a day is not possible some days, do what you can, but make it a priority. #2 They are doing other programs or techniques along with dnrs ( focus on dnrs exclusively. Remember you believe dnrs will heal you, why would you waist your time with other things, You can always go back to them later after you have given this program at least 6 months. TO BE CONTINUED…. God Bless

  14. Brenda kauffman

    Dan, thanks so much for posting. would you be able to go into more detail of how you customized the program to work for you? Love that you credit The Lord, the support of your loving mother, and the DNRS for your healing. Would you be willing to post more details perhaps in the forum or blog section, detailing more the progress you made and the steps you went through, the initial gains, and the ones that came after them? Several blogs covering phases of what you went through and the gains you saw would be tremendously inspiring.

  15. Lisa

    Way to go Dan! You’re a great inspiration :) Keep it up, as well as the yoga, meditation and everything else! You could become one of Annie’s trainers too! To Annie, I will be forever grateful :)

  16. pulsebeat

    Dan: Thank you for sharing your amazing story. It is an inspiration to all who are still seeking the path to better health.
    Why did you choose Annie’s program over Gupta? You mentioned Gupta’s program did not work for you. Which aspects of Annie’s program were not contained in Gupta’s?

  17. Dan Ross

    DNRS treatment cont.

    #3) People who attempt the program and do not fully utilize the website are missing out on 70% of the programs potential. The website allows you to interact with people who are going through the same journey you are. You get to see testimonials of people who are successful with the program. You get new ideas on how to implement the program. People are brilliant. I see many new ideas that stay in the context of the program and provide great positive results.

    If you are interested in joining the program i suggest you research her website read up on her recommended books and know her story. Look her up on the internet. She also has a book out that tells her story and goes into detail about EI, lymbic system dysfunction and so on. Read what you have to untill you get to that point where you believe this CAN HEAL YOU

    If you have the $ go to one of her seminars. Most people have better results when they get close up and personal with Annie and the program. I myself could not afford it, plus i dont fly. When you get enrolled on the website it would be benificail, if you are struggling, to get a coach

    I started out doing the program in 2012 for 2 months, haphazardly, for several reasons. 1) i was skepticle at 1st. It sounded to good to be true plus i had failed at guptas 1st program. To give Gupta the benifit of the doubt i didnt do the time or effort needed. The old saying is true here. You get out of something what you put into it

  18. Dan Ross

    Gupta vrs DNRS
    I am not real familiar with the Gupta program, especially the updated version. So i do not really want to make a comparison. Investigate both and see what is best suited for you.

  19. Dan Ross

    To make it fun i would use utube to listen to great music videos and dance to them every
    morning. At 1st i could not do it. I only listened to my favorite music and visualize me dancing. I use to be a good dancer and still am thanks to dnrs. I would creat different types of dance and use complicated footwork to make my brain work. Utube to this day is my favorite media. I use it for everything. I am like a sponge now, constantly learning.

  20. Sidney

    I am crying as I read your story! My heart is so heavy right now with conflicting emotions of great joy for you, deep anger for your family that just left you and a – dare I say – ounce of hope that this would work for me too? When I read the praise you give to our Lord and savior, I knew for sure I was to write you, to congratulate you! I KNOW I am no one to you, but I KNOW YOUR PAIN AND I AM SO HAPPY, SO VERY HAPPY – THAT YOU ARE FINALLY FREE!!!THANK YOU JESUS!
    I am so sorry it took so long for your healing, but your soft heart, your forgiving spirit, just screams through this screen and I have to say – THANK YOU! I can barely see the words as i type for the tears. Partly because I can FEEL ALL your pain and your joy and partly because I cant believe but thank you for sharing your pain, and your healing. Please, if you would like, please write me. I am sick, scared, desperate, but having just now shared your story with my husband and son, I, we, are now somewhat hopeful and encouraged! Thank you! Blessings to you sweetheart!! Xoxox

  21. Sidney

    P.s. Lol Im at planetthrive.com as of tonight, if you chose to get in touch.

  22. Karen

    Ok so are you saying that you were listening to music and doing the dancing while saying the words out loud that Annie describes? I purchased her program for my sister who cannot work outside the home because she is so sick. Unfortunately she told me she can’t do it because it’s too boring. I have chemical sensitivities also, plus severe muscle and nerve pain. However I feel fortunate that I can work and be around people, although I suffer. I’m thinking about trying the program for myself for the above mentioned and allergies. My question is, can you work on all the issues at once? For instance throw in different ailments on different rounds?

  23. karl

    hi Dan Great story mate, love it. Hey did you have any reactions too bedding ? Sheets and blanketts and so forth ? im Wanting too know if it works for this as I have done Gupta and the lightning process both intensly and trained hard for many many moths but cant shift allergies, but I can create energy.

    Sincerely Karl from newZealand

  24. Dan Ross

    I just read your reply. I was very moved by your letter to me. My prayers go out to you and your family. I am not sure how to get in touch with you, except thru here. If its personal and you do not want it posed on here get in touch with Julie sha can ask me to give you my email. Blessings

  25. Dan Ross

    I have not posted here in awhile because the site was down. So here i am. Karen,i was listening to music and challenging myself with more and more difficult dance steps, foot work as time progressed. The dance itself enhances your body and brain to generate good chemicals through out your body. The dance step challenges create new brain cells. This is a very simple explanation. More to come i will be gone for a few weeks. God Bless

  26. Kelly

    I don’t understand it when you said you did 90% of the Gupta program with no success, and then later in the comments you said you’re not familiar with the Gupta program.


    Anyway, how are you doing these days?

  27. Julie

    In case Dan does not answer you here Kelly, my guess at what he meant is that he did not put the proper effort into the Gupta program (as he wrote in his story above) and since that time, the program has been updated considerably so he is not familiar with its current form. His focus has been on the DNRS program so that is what he is most familiar with.

  28. Tracy Fenton

    Hi Dan this is Tracy Fenton! I can’t even express how happy I am for you! When I heard you were healed I just cried and cried and I still cry when I think about it. I am also happy for another reason and that is that you know and glorify Jesus Christ is our healer! I can picture that fragile sad man that I would try to give encouraging words to and now I see a healthy vibrant child of God! I love you!

  29. Missy

    I would love to speak with Dan. How can I go about this? I believe he had given his email address to someone at some point. It would be a blessing to me.

  30. Dawn Watson

    How can I get in touch with Dan? I have so many questions. I have been homeless on an off for 5 years. My husband abandoned me. I have to stop working and finally just got my own apt. a few weeks ago. I need to know what to do right away so I can stay here, get well quickly so I can go back to work. I was in sales and taught college and am worried that the SSDI I was just finally awarded will get cut off in the next month. Please can someone help me. I have a long life and three girls that I still want to be here for, healthy not DISABLED and miserable. I believe Jesus can heal me fully also.

  31. Julie

    Sorry Missy, I missed your comment when you posted it. Dan’s website is http://rewiredinspired.com/ and there is a link on the homepage for anyone who wants to email him.

  32. Julie

    Hi Dawn,
    Dan’s website is http://rewiredinspired.com/ and there is a link on the homepage for anyone who wants to email him.I would encourage you to read through this site and decide on which program to try, then commit 100% to it for at least 6 months. There are support groups and coaches you can work with if you need extra support. Healing is possible! Best wishes to you!



  34. Dave

    Several attempts to handle Annie’s program leaves me scattered and brain-fogged as ever. Hoping next move (NORCAL) will usher in some order. All technology baffles me and I have zero family/ helpers. Upcoming week in Woodside may be possible but finances limited. Seems It’s a “Catch-22” : to solve the extremely DIS-organized mind I must first HAVE an organized mind! Coach helped not at all. Finally joined forum but the exchange is about nil. ( ….technology?). Maybe there’s some exchange/meet-up/ affordable coach-like alternative. 14 years brain-fogged makes me wonder if I may first need Cranial-sacral or Neuro Feedback…….or if it’s MY Time. Hours in meditation….grateful for this rare contact.

  35. Rachael

    I’m so happy for you. You are my greatest inspiration of all the testimonials because I relate the most to you. I doubt that you will ever see this or respond but in case you do I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? I’m most curious about your sleep…this is a severe it for me. Do you have tips for how you got it back? Thanks , Rachael

  36. dan ross

    The DNRS program enables your body to heal itself by calming the limbic system and creating new neorons. All my allergies and mold affliction are gone!!

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