Using Complete Nutrition to Detoxify + Heal

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Toxicity is probably the single largest cause of all your symptoms:

Fatigue, indigestion, sinuses, headaches, histamine reactions, insomnia, anxiety, skin problems, inflammation, etc.

Toxicity is everywhere in your body but you can’t feel it directly, only its symptoms that you can’t correlate directly. 

​Detoxification through nutrition involves a paradigm shift:

Medical Paradigm

Take this for that: binders for toxins (charcoal, zeolite, chelators, etc.).

Binders can help and be part of a larger plan, but binders don’t work with the body deep enough — they either don’t do enough or they do too much.

Not Enough because they can’t pull enough out of tissues or rebuild the body. Binders don’t produce the energy you need to get through detoxification side effects that often make you tired.

Too Much when things like chelators are too aggressive and your body has not been strengthened enough to tolerate detox. This includes the problem of redistribution, which a broader range of solutions and nutrients can address.

Holistic ParadigmNutritional Detox Strategy

All nutrients are necessary in detoxification: detoxify by strengthening the numerous natural detoxification pathways of all cells and organs.

You need all the basic nutrients on a diet that is ideal for you individually. You have to strengthen the many detoxification pathways of cells and organs so the body can energize to detoxify itself. When the body has all the nutrients it needs it can heal itself.

All weak links must be addressed because your body is only as strong as its weakest links for cellular energy “for” everything, not just detox, but detoxification follows. 

I have observed that very few people, including practitioners, can successfully customize nutrition. 


BASIC NUTRIENTS to absorb and tolerate everything: magnesium, sodium, potassium, sunlight.

Even most practitioners don’t get the best forms of magnesium — the most common nutritional deficiency with more functions in the body than any other nutrient so when that is off it is a fatal weak link and other things don’t work as well. Then people can be allergic to nearly everything.


These 5 antioxidants are always active in our bodies working together as explained by Lester Packard:

Glutathione is considered the main antioxidant but supplementing for it is often ineffective or suboptimal. Glutathione works as part of a network of antioxidants functioning together to recycle each other and cover different problems.

Ascorbic Acid neutralizes toxins and helps one tolerate detoxification. Once it donates an electron to neutralize a metal, for example, it also provides targeted oxidation which means stealing an electron from a pathogen or chemical to break it down. So it works on toxicity and infection in mild and balanced ways that tend to neutralize things.

Vitamin E helps in the recycling process. It more directly helps skin and can be used topically because it comes in oily forms. 

Ubiquinol or CoQ10 provides energy for every cell in the body to help people who are really tired, but it’s not always necessary to supplement it.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the most aggressive antioxidant so supplementing with it requires preparation to tolerate it to avoid redistribution of toxins that are stirred up.  It is water and fat soluble and crosses the blood brain barrier to get out metals. It is considered to help recycle glutathione and detoxify directly on its own. For some, ALA is the holy grail of mercury detox but there are so many fails that popular protocols need improvement through a more complete and balanced approach, rather than its narrow application with roots in the medical system.

I believe these 5 nutrients working together minimize redistribution of toxins and detox side affects by recycling each other, which means adding back the lost electron to continue neutralizing toxins that would otherwise create symptoms. That way a weak link is addressed: the missing electron.


Minerals play many roles in the body through the energy they create and specific roles for detox. Important for detoxification are sulfur, selenium, silica, iodine, zinc, and molybdenum.

Supplementing is necessary, but food can be enough for some nutrients.


Raw eggs and raw dairy: milk, cheese, butter are building and detoxifying. The problem is many people are allergic or intolerant but this can be fixed. Raw fats can help bind up toxins and repair tissues. Raw milk has whey for glutathione forming precursors. Raw eggs have phospholipids that are used in isolated medical detox therapy. Raw eggs can be extremely aggressive so are often not for beginners. Raw cheese is very binding and abundant in minerals. Most important, eggs and milk offer the broadest spectrum of nutrients since they are designed to grow a baby.


Relieving constipation is the first priority, if you have it — no one needs to be convinced of that. Toxins must be cleared from the exit or they will back up and flow back into your blood and brain. The bowel moves when it is stimulated by bile flow from the gallbladder and liver, two major detox organs. It is important to support whatever organs are the weak links holding back everything.

You want to increase blood filtering by the liver and then out the bowels, not having metals accumulate in the kidneys that are more easily overworked. You also don’t want it only going out your skin — although skin detox is healthy, its not pretty, and it’s itchy. 

Clear your blood to clear your brain so you can do more for your health.


Sunlight is the most important nutrient and you can feel the difference in energy and mood just by being exposed through the eyes. The sun is not just “for” vitamin D. The sun is for energizing every cell in the form of electrons: photons from sun covert to electrons in the water of your body. Electrons are energy. Electrons are part of antioxidants. Toxins steal electrons. Sun and antioxidants provide electrons.


All wired and wireless technologies have toxic effects: non-ionizing radiation has ionizing or free radical electron-stealing effects that begin with the over-stimulating voltage gated calcium channels of cells. Calcium influx into the cells is stimulating so it can create insomnia, irritability, anxiety and fatigue.  Especially your cell phone and WiFi, and even if you don’t use those it’s coming from your wires, your computer, the neighborhood, etc.

Electronics steal the electrons you need to detoxify and that you need to produce energy. Electronics exposure is often the single largest source of toxicity, even greater than body burden. But, it can be stopped and neutralized faster than reducing body burden, which is a long, gradual process. Electronic detox accelerates progress and this area is usually not well addressed.

It’s electronic warfare.

Detoxification is a lifestyle, not a program:

  1. Built into your diet for gradual, continuous improvement;
  2. To counter constant escalating exposures;
  3. Reduction of exposures as part of a lifestyle, especially reducing cell phone and wireless use. 

This is a strategy overview to help plan a complete solution. Everyone needs an individualized solution that is complete, not just one little random tip at a time.

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  • Paul Hess, PhD

    Paul Hess is a Health Coach who uses his own personal experience recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to help his clients achieve optimal health. He combines his knowledge of ancestral wisdom, food chemistry and toxicity, sunlight and electrical pollution, alignment and the mechanics of muscle moving bone, and the emotional and spiritual issues that contribute to chronic illness to create a customized plan for each client. Paul works with people all over the world. To get a free assessment of your root causes of illness, first read his Health Coaching Steps to see what it would involve to work with him if you decide to commit after the assessment.


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