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Dental Health

The secret to healthy gums and teeth is to eat a nutrient-dense whole foods diet and avoid sugar, so found Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist who studied the diets and dental conditions of multiple indigenous cultures around the world, through several generations. Since most of us were not raised quite this way, here are some basic guidelines beyond diet for keeping your gums, teeth, brain, and body healthy:

• Floss and brush teeth regularly
• Practice oil pulling
• Use a water pik
• Keep bacteria levels down with a tongue scraper
• Drink wheatgrass juice – no more than 2 oz 2x day; swirl in mouth to clean gums, use pulp as poultice
• Remove mercury amalgams
• Use biocompatible dental materials
• Chelate mercury and other heavy metals
• Remove root canals and cavitations – can be focal points of infection (see My Root Canal Extraction Adventure)

avoid: sugar, mercury fillings, root canals, cavitations

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