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Energetic Health

Some healing systems are based on the premise that there is a life energy that runs through our bodies. Like other facets of our health, our energetic self can have stagnation and blocks that impede vitality and good health. Below is a list of alternative therapies that may assist you in balancing your energy:

• Get 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight per day
• Surround yourself with beauty and other sources of inspiration (nature, people, pets, movies, etc.)
• Meditate
• Practice breathwork
• Get acupuncture
• Use sound therapy
• Explore color therapy
• Touch/be touched – get regular massages, go to a cuddle party
• Balance your chakras through meditation
Trace your energy meridians
• Use mudrās for healing
Sungaze to increase chi, or life energy
• Try biofield retraining with PT founder Earthwalker | homeopathy | flower essences | vibrational essences
• Practice a healing martial artQigong | Tai Chi Chuan
• Give and receive Reiki
• Swim with dolphinsDolphin-Assisted Healing for Physical Disability

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Note: please check with a qualified health practitioner before incorporating any new tool into your recovery program.