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The basic premise of detoxification is to remove toxins from the body’s blood, tissues, and organs, including the brain. There are many ways to approach detoxification, from using the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms (e.g., sweating, through movement or sauna) and eating detoxifying foods, to taking powerful synthetic chelating agents that pull heavy metals through the body’s elimination organs.

Great care should be taken by anyone entering into a detoxification program, especially those with environmental illness, hepatitis, and others with damaged liver detoxification pathways. The detox process itself can overwhelm the body and cause severe and potentially dangerous symptoms. It’s always wise to use moderation and to have the guidance of a health care professional familiar with your particular health history.

Here are some detoxifying practices you might want to explore:

• Use a tongue scraper
• Practice dry skin brushing
• Drink chlorophyll: chlorella, wheatgrass juice – 2oz 2x day
• Take a detox bath: Epsom salt/ Baking soda / Clay
• Apply a castor oil pack over liver
Try oil-pulling
• Give yourself an enema: Wheatgrass / Coffee
• Get a Neti pot
• Chelate mercury and other heavy metals
• Exercise
• Swim in the ocean / salt water
• Sauna
• Get regular massages
Use a Somavedic device in your home

avoid: chemicals, EMFs, WiFi systems, computers, cell phones, cordless phones

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Note: please check with a qualified health practitioner before incorporating any new tool into your recovery program.