Environmental Sensitivities SymposiumLucinda Curran of Eco Health Solutions in Australia has put together an incredible online symposium for the environmentally sensitive. The virtual event begins March 23 and will last for 8 days. The symposium is meant for those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Lyme disease, Biotoxin-Related Illnesses, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Learning Disorders, Food Intolerances, among other conditions. Lucinda has gathered over 20 thought-leaders from all around the world to share knowledge, strategies and new perspectives that you can take action on and improve your health and life.

There will be 8 days jam-packed with great information. Replays will be available, and there will be live question and answer sessions. For those who are electrically hypersensitive, there will be a book available of all the presentations, articles and more.

The Environmental Sensitivities Symposium is a not-for-profit event, and proceeds will go to the following charities: The Lyme Disease Association of Australia, Electrosensitivity UK, re|shelter (US-based non-toxic housing non-profit), and FM-CFS Canada Compassion in Action.

Although you can participate online for FREE, there are upgrades that you may purchase that offer great extras and bonuses.

No matter which upgrade you choose:

• The experts will be asked YOUR questions; and
• You will be eligible to win some great prizes – donated by the Speakers and Sponsors.

Speakers include Martin Pall, PhD, Professor Ollie Johansson, Dave Stetzer, Ashok Gupta and Dr. Ellen Cutler.

To see the full list of speakers and registration options, click here.


  1. Lucinda Curran

    Thank you so much for sharing news about this. I am really excited that it is happening.
    I am hoping that every single person who participates gains something that positively impacts upon their lives… And ideally everyone gains a lot.
    Thank you for your support – and I hope to see you all there!

  2. Eric

    I have no internet at home. I’m a long-time disabled man on SocSec Disability, and there’s no money in my life for ISP. I can get to the library (where I am now) once or twice a week for rather limited time slices to check e-mail and what-not. How would you recommend I get your information?

    (It’s likely that the “security” settings on these public computers won’t allow inter action…can’t help that.)

    — Eric

  3. earthwalker

    Hi Eric,
    I’m not running the symposium, just sharing information about it. You’d have to contact Lucinda Curran directly, as I am not sure she is reading comments here. The article does say “For those who are electrically hypersensitive, there will be a book available of all the presentations, articles and more.” so you could buy the book. If you are financially challenged, you could try writing to her to request a free copy. Here is the contact page on her website: http://ecohealthsolutions.com.au/contact/ Best, Julie

  4. Chris D

    can’t register… tell me how. The register widget disappears way before i could click. the 1st time i click on register I get the 1 minute video w music… Help!!

  5. Julie

    Hi Chris,
    So sorry but I cannot help you with registration, as Planet Thrive is not running the symposium. We just wrote about it. You will have to contact Lucinda Curran at the website link provided in the article (http://environmentalsensitivitiessymposium.com/). I went through the motions of registering for the FREE event on her site and was able to get to a registration page. Please make sure you are going to her website and clicking on the appropriate links. If that does not work for you, contact Lucinda through the contact info on her site. Best, Julie

  6. cds

    I’ve been trying to register for two days. I sent emails to every contact option that i could find. Still no luck. ??

  7. Julie

    I’m sorry you are having trouble registering CDS. Planet Thrive has no association with the symposium or website so I’m sorry I cannot help you with that. You might try locating Lucinda Curran on Facebook and contacting her there.

  8. Julie

    For those having problems accessing the symposium, I emailed Lucinda and she said there are some technical problems with the software she is using. She has not received your emails. Please write to her at lucinda@ecohealthsolutions.com.au if you are having issues registering for the symposium. Best, Julie

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