Two new books about Snowflake, Az

Brief reviews by Scott Killingsworth of two recently published books

Gupta 5.0 ~ Online brain retraining program just released!

Ashok Gupta has released version 5.0 of his brain retraining program, now accessible online and with a money back guarantee!

Healing Autoimmunity Through Diet

My new cookbook features anti-inflammatory, low lectin recipes.

Amelia Hill Interview + Book Giveaway

Longtime Planet Thrive member Amelia Hill has published an inspirational ebook with 100 of her most uplifting pep-talks for those going through intense life challenges. Enter to win a copy of YOU CAN and YOU WILL!

In honor of Yasmina Ykelenstam of ‘Healing Histamine’

Yasmina Ykelenstam, creator of, has passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Planet Waves ~ September 2018

monthly horoscopes by Eric Francis


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